NC State’s 18th Vermiculture Conference

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NC State’s Vermiculture Conference is the only annual training about earthworm farming and mid-to-large-scale vermicomposting in the world. This year, on October 26-27, the 18th Annual Vermiculture Conference will be held. About 120 people attend each year from all over the United States and throughout the globe. Previous participants came from Belgium, Thailand, Australia, India, Greece, Guatemala, Argentina, Norway, China, Switzerland, Nigeria, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Latvia, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Canada, Uganda, Micronesia, Trinidad South Africa, and the Dominican Republic.

Why attend the 18th Annual Vermiculture Conference?

  • It’s the world’s only training on large-scale vermicomposting
  • You’ll learn how others started and grew their operations
  • Go from a hobby to a money-making business
  • Speakers from 5 US states and 6 countries – check out the list!
  • Network with fellow worm enthusiasts from 25+ US states

During this two-day conference, participants learn how to start or expand an earthworm or vermicompost production facility. Key issues for vermicomposting operations are covered, such as earthworm husbandry, feedstocks, siting, equipment, permits, monitoring, and harvesting. You will also understand how vermicompost affects plant growth and suppresses plant pests and diseases.

Although dairy manure is the leading feedstock used in large vermicomposting operations, an increasing number of facilities are using pre- and post-consumer food residuals. Speakers at this year’s conference will describe their experiences using each of these feedstocks. A researcher in Israel will share his work with vermicomposting spent mushroom waste, and an entrepreneur will describe the three dozen large vermicomposting operations he has set up in communities in Mexico.

Selling vermicompost products is another important topic discussed at the conference. Some people are so focused on setting up worm bins and getting their earthworm population growing that marketing products is an afterthought. Therefore, developing diverse markets is explained and emphasized during the conference.

Who should attend this conference? Earthworm growers, farmers, composters, nursery owners, soil blenders, greenhouse growers, entrepreneurs, livestock operators, extension agents, solid waste managers, landscapers, food service managers, orchard operators, and consultants are encouraged to attend.

Here’s an example of what past attendees have said about the Vermiculture Conference: “The conference was definitely worth the time and money. I learned so much…not just about earthworms, but soil composition, minerals, testing, teas, diseases, correct processes to follow, etc. I’m looking forward to next year’s conference already!” ~S.S., North Carolina. “Count me as an extremely satisfied conference attendee. I was truly impressed and hope to be one of your “frequent fliers.” I was particularly impressed with the depth of the science presented.” ~S.F., New York

Mark your calendar for October 26-27, 2017 and join worm enthusiasts from all over the United States and other countries at this unique event. Keep checking the conference website for updates. We have a great line-up of speakers from 8 countries. REGISTER HERE. Contact Rhonda Sherman to be added to the conference notification list: