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Commercial Horticulture, Nursery & Turf

We don't have any news posted under Commercial Horticulture, Nursery & Turf , but we're always writing new content so please check back soon.

Recent Publications related to Commercial Horticulture, Nursery & Turf

Asparagus Crown Production

Producing asparagus crowns for sale or use is simple and profitable. Careful attention to details …

Cucurbit Downy Mildew

This factsheet covers downy mildew disease in cucurbits, including identification, transmission and disease management and …

Appendix F. History of Landscape Design

This Appendix from the Extension Gardener Handbook will explain a brief history of land development …

3 days ago

13. Propagation

This propagation chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook explains how and why to grow new …

3 days ago

Water Requirements of North Carolina Turfgrasses

Water is an essential component for plant growth. In turfgrasses it comprises 75 to 90 …

3 days ago

Sureguard (flumioxazin)

This pesticide factsheet covers the use and characteristics of Sureguard (flumioxazin).


This factsheet summarizes the characteristics of dollarweed.

2 weeks agoTurfFiles

Mouseear Chickweed

This factsheet summarizes the characteristics of mouseear chickweed.

2 weeks agoTurfFiles