20th Annual Vermiculture Conference

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On October 26–27, 2019, NC State’s 20th Annual Vermiculture Conference will be held on Centennial Campus at The James B. Hunt Jr. Library. The only annual training in the world on commercial vermiculture, this conference provides information to start or expand a vermicompost production operation. At least 100 people attend each year from all over the United States and throughout the globe. Past participants have come from Belgium, Thailand, Australia, India, Greece, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Argentina, Germany, Guatemala, Norway, China, Switzerland, Nigeria, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Latvia, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, Austria, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Canada, Uganda, Micronesia, Trinidad & Tobago, Nicaragua, Spain, England, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. Rhonda Sherman in the compost barn

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